ABSOLUTELY NOT! Slime Is Not Edible, So Don’t Eat It (No Matter How Delicious It Looks Or Smells). #FightThoseIntrusiveThoughts

Slime Naturally Breaks Down Over Time (Rather The Activator That Holds Slime Together Breaks Down). It Can Also Be Caused By Heat During Transit Or When You Store It For Long Periods Of Time.

And Easy Solution To Reactivate Your Slime Is To Use The Care Packet And Instruction Form We Sent You Along With Your Slime When You Ordered. Be Sure To Follow The Instructions To Ensure Best Results When Reactivating Your Slime.

Also Make Sure You Mark The Container You Used When Creating The New Activator Solution For Storage And Future Use.

If You Have A Sensitivity Or Allergy To Strong Fragrances Or Household Items Such As Borax, Lotions, Glycerin, Or PVA Glue, We Don’t Recommend Slime.

Temperature (Specifically Cold Temps) And Overactivating Slime Are The Usual Culprits Of Stiff Or Non-Stretchy Slimes.

The Easiest Ways To Make Slime Stretchy Again Are To Use Hand Sanitizer, Lotion, Hair Gel, Or To Microwave The Slime For A Few Seconds (And Only A Few Seconds! Use This As A Last Resort).

Always Use These Methods In Small Increments At A Time To Achieve The Best Results.

Slime Will Naturally Deflate/Shrink Over Time (It’s Just Part Of A Slime’s Natural Life Cycle).

To Prolong The Life Of Your Slime, Be Sure To Keep It In It’s Original Container (If Possible) When Not Being Used, As Well As Out Of Direct Sunlight And In A Moderate Temperatured Environment (Not Overly Hot Or Cold).


Normally 1-2 Business Days After Ordering.

!IMPORTANT!: 1) Business Days Do Not Include Weekends and 2) Shipping Dates DO NOT Include Processing Days (Ex: A 2-3 Day Shipping Option Specifies The SHIPPING Days, Not The Days We Process The Orders Before Shipping).

Domestic And USPS International Orders Can Be Tracked Using The Link In Your Order Confirmation, Or:

If Your Order Hasn’t Shipped Yet, Please Email Us At As Soon As Possible With The Correct Address. If Your Order Has Already Shipped, You Can Still Contact USPS To Redirect Your Package. 

Please Ensure Your Order Is Correct Before Placing It. If The Printing Label Associated With Your Order Hasn’t Been Printed Yet, There Is A Possibility To Cancel An Order (At The Discretion Of Pixaslime), Otherwise All Orders Cannot Be Cancelled Once Submitted.

If Your Order Was Returned To Us Due To An Incorrect Address, Please Reach Out To Us At And We Will Issue You Store Credit For The Order Total (Does Not Include Shipping+Handling).

Due To The Nature Of Our Products, We Do Not Offer Refunds Of Any Kind. All Sales Are Final.

Please Email With A Picture Of The Damaged Slime/Product. Your Package Comes With Insurance Only If You Paid For A Shipping Option That Specifies This.

Please Send Photos Of The Entire Package To Us For Our Records (Outside, Inside, And The Products Themselves. Multiple Angles Are Best).

Also, In Order For Us To Replace A Damaged Order, USPS Has To Inspect The Damages And They Will Put A Claim In For It (Assuming You Chose A Shipping Option With Insurance). They Will Be The Ones To Take The Package.

Once You’re Issued A Claim Or Reference # For The Claim, Reach Out To Us Via The Same Email Thread You Started For Your Damaged Order, Or Send A New Email To Us At With Both Your Order Number And The Claim/Reference# USPS Gave You.

All Shipping Is Solely Related To The Shipping Provider And Is In No Way Responsible For The Shipping Provider’s Fulfillment. Once The Order Has Been Received By The Shipping Provider, Is In No Way Responsible Or Liable For Anything Related To The Shipping Of The Product(s).